5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Tree Trimming

Man Cutting TreeTree trimming is the cutting off of branches from a tree. There are many reasons to do this. One is for the removal of infestation or infection most often caused by fungi and invasive insects. This ensures a longer life-span for the tree. Another is for safety, some low-hanging, protruding branches pose a risk to the people and may cause serious injury. Some branches also are a risk in times of inclement weather; they may fall on one’s house or worse, on the people living in that house. Tree trimming also elevates the aesthetics of an area. A well-trimmed, healthy tree is not only beautiful by itself; it beautifies and revivifies its surroundings. Tree trimming keeps a tree healthy and lush and, at the same time, adds to the overall value of any area.

 While anyone can do the trimming of a tree, it is highly advised to hire a professional for tree trimming. Professional tree-trimmers are trained and certified, and thereby, they are the most competent people to do the job. Below are five (5) reasons why you should hire a professional tree-trimmer:

1. Safety

First off, professional tree-trimmers have the complete equipment necessary to protect themselves from the risks involved. Equipment includes the right cutting tool for a specific cutting job and also the Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) or safety workwear.

In trimming trees, especially involving large branches, it is crucial to create a perimeter around the tree to make sure no one gets injured while work is in progress. Professional tree-trimmers can competently estimate how wide a boundary to set. They establish the felling direction and also retreat route if felling huge branches.

Professional tree-trimmers guarantee maximal safety and minimal margin of error.

2. Health

Trees may be: infected by insects and other parasites, “choked” by its overgrowth, or growing in the wrong direction. All of these affect trees’ health. Professionals, also known as arborists or tree surgeons, take extra care and caution in performing the necessary actions to bring back a tree to its most optimal health. They have the specialized knowledge needed to successfully perform such actions and provide the best results.

3. Equipment

Tree-trimming requires the handling of powerful tools to cut through strong wood. Improper use of these may cause irreversible damage to the tree, the equipment, a nearby property, or worse, to people. This is why professional know-how is a must. There are also specific machines such as boom cranes and haulers to tackle the highest and most difficult trimmings that could only be operated by certified professionals.

4. Aesthetics

Trained pros do not just chop away at trees. They do not do the trimming arbitrarily. They take into special consideration the view, scenery, airflow, sunlight access, and privacy provided when trimming and shaping a tree.

5. Legality

When trimming a tree, it is crucial to know the law. A lot of trees, especially those in public spaces, are protected by statutes created by a national or local agency. As professionals, they first secure permits to avoid any unwanted run-ins with the authorities.

Professional tree-trimmers do the fluff work in terms of safety, liability, and equipment to be used. Trimming is more than just hacking away at a tree; it requires in-depth knowledge of proper cutting procedures, techniques, precaution, and awareness of legalities involved. Professional tree-trimmers will be able to give trees the best care and make sure that they grow healthy and beautiful while meeting all requirements specified to them.

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