How to Decide when Tree Removal is a Must: Basic Guidelines

Removing trees is tricky, especially when there are several factors to consider. Concerns may include the issues it causes a property, and a primary concern is its safety and work that costs time and resources. Also, environmental considerations that involve moral and emotional attachment to a tree influence how you decide to remove a tree.

Reasons for Tree Removal?

man cutting tree branchDead trees and damaged trees are apparent signs that trees disturb a surrounding. You need to push through with tree removal. Considerably, you can decide if you need only trimming if a storm damaged the trees. Loose branches can cause accidents. Maybe you only need to cut some crossing twigs to clean the area and keep a tidy surrounding or prevent further risks exposed in a community.

Now you have these basic reasons for removing a tree, below summarizes factors to guide you HOW to decide when removing a tree.

The Type of the Tree

When looking at the type of tree to be removed; what you should look for is if it is a good or a harmful tree.

When you observe the tree with the persisting presence of pests such as black locust or boxelder bug, these are signs that the tree needs cutting or chopping down. The presence of parasitic trees (ex: Siberian elm, empress tree, and willows) also need tree removal. Other foreign plant species like mimosa and poplars and other closely related species also tell you a diseased tree needs attention. These are harmful trees that show weakness and no or less assurance of saving from potential tree disease. 

Weak Wood

Like what’s mentioned above, damaged trees show signs of illness. You can watch out for wakening branches or trunk. It means that the tree is developing feeble wood. 

When a living wood weakens, it will soon be prone to breaking. When deciding now, to remove this type of tree, consider that weak wood unfasten a large chunk of the branch. It is a potential cause of accidents. You don’t want that. So find this warning sign to help you decide when should a tree removal must be done.

The Health of the Tree

mountain trees viewWhen a tree reveals roots crawling on the surface, it is a sign that pests or underground bugs or insects infiltrate the tree. The resurfacing roots damage your lawn, and your pavement starts to crack. When roots are peeking through the cracks, repairing the pavement to maintain your lawn’s landscaping is a reinforcement for you to decide the tree to be removed.

Trees being frequently implemented with herbicides and other chemical solutions will deteriorate in no time. It will be of no use to wait to revive these trees. It is more likely that 50% of the tree’s body, from roots to leaves is damaged. 

When you can ascertain, a tree will not survive in a few years. It is your call to remove the tree. Most of these trees will have abnormal growth or distorted shapes.

Trunk Damage and Dead Branches

Major damage to the tree trunk is a significant sign for you to remove a tree. Trees with vertical cracks on the trunk have internal wounds that cause them to decay. Internal wounding of a tree makes it gradually lose its branches. 

Falling branches are hazardous to humans in the surrounding. It is best to keep people safe and decide to remove the tree. Broken limbs of the tree with more than 25% damage mean that it is prone to dying. If only one-third of the tree’s trunk is damaged, the tree will still likely survive. It needs trimming only.

Loose branches, crossed rubbing branches, or those the branches which are stroking against each other need trimming. Or if the intersections of twigs became too complicated to be trimmed, then the tree must be removed.

Hollow Trees

Is the tree empty or hollow? Hollowed trees result from the core of the trunk, consists of the xylem and phloem, being exposed. This may occur due to the thin outer layer of the trunk. 

In years, this type of tree without a core cavity will reduce life support. They may look good outside, but it is starting to rot inside. This tree must be removed. One-third of its trunk is decaying. It will soon break down, and the void tree slowly falling is unsafe. So, it is better to remove the tree.

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