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Mulching is spreading organic and inorganic materials over the surface of the soil to cover it. The mulch consists of materials such as wood, compost, tree branches, leaves, grass. We provide professional and complete mulching from installation to delivery of prepared mulch.

You can reach us with a single phone call to get high-quality and trusted services in mulching at your doorstep. We provide installation and delivery of mulching for both residential and commercial properties.

The following section provides you a brief overview of the benefits of mulching and the different types of services we offer. It also explains the purpose of these mulching services and why you need to choose it.

Mulching: Why is necessary?

A layer of mulch spread over the soil in your lawn or garden provides benefits to your trees, shrubs and also your landscape. It also prevents expensive repair to reinstall your landscape.

  • Prevents Soil Erosion.
    Mulching on the soil prevents it from soil erosion and winds. Soil erosion removes away the topsoil and its minerals. It leaves your trees and plants without the needed nutrients and eventually kills your trees and plants.
  • Slows down evaporation.
    The layer of mulch also slows down the evaporation of water and moisture present in the soil. Mulching not only acts as a barrier but also absorbs and stores water in it.
  • Prevent the growth of weeds.
    Buried weeds underneath the layer of mulch do not germinate and stop growing. Mulching is a cost-effective and easy method to prevent and control the growth of weeds in your lawn.
  • Maintains the ground temperature.
    The thick layer of mulch reflects the heat from the sun and prevents soil from getting heated. This not only reduces evaporation but also maintains an ideal ground temperature for the trees and plants.
  • Provide minerals and nutrients.
    Over a period of time, mulch decomposes and releases essential minerals and nutrients into the soil. It replenishes the lost and deficient nutrients in the soil that are vital for the growth of trees and plants.
  • Pest control.
    Mulch made of cedar or cypress chips kills and repels insects such as termites, cockroaches, moths and carpet beetles. It helps to keep these pests away from your landscape.
  • Makes your landscape look pleasing.
    You can add eco-friendly colors to your mulch and make the mulch layer match and appeal to your flower beds and plant. It makes your lawn and landscape look beautiful and enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Mulching services we offer.

We have gained vast experience in providing mulching services to a large number of customers. Some of the services we specialize include:

  • Mulch Delivery
    We deliver fresh mulch at your property on your demand.
  • Mulch Installation.
    We examine and install the best mulch suitable for your soil and that meets your aspirations.
  • Mulch Cultivation
    We cultivate composted mulch to rejuvenate the existing mulch beds. It provides essential minerals and enhances the growth of trees and plants in your landscape.
  • Edging.
    You can dig a trench edging to separate your mulch region from the garden or grass area. It acts as a boundary and prevents the shrubs or grass to spread into the mulch area.
  • Weed Control.
    We provide manual spraying and pulling away weeds before mulch layering. It helps you prevent weed growth in your lawn.
  • Mulch coloring.
    Our expert team suggests different natural and eco-friendly colors you can add to your mulch Riverside CA. This type of mulch consists of dyed wood in dark brown, red and black color. They are organic and non-toxic to either plants or humans.

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