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The type of soil in the property determines to a large extent, the kind of trees, shrubs and other plants which can grow well on it. You may spend a large amount of money procuring expensive seeds, plants and trees for your property, yet if the soil is not of the desired quality, the plants will grow slowly, or in some cases, die. Since you, like most property owners do not have the skills, expertise to determine the soil quality and manage it, it is advisable to hire a professional and experienced firm for Soil Management for your property.

Why soil management is required

Plants require at least sixteen different elements for proper growth and health, and only oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen can be obtained from the air. Though the soil in a particular area may contain all the nutrients required initially for proper plant growth, over a period of time, the nutrients may be absorbed by the plants or washed away during rainfall, or when the plants are watered regularly. Hence it is necessary to manage the soil quality, checking the quality periodically for the different nutrients, and adding the nutrients which are deficient in the soil.

soil managment

Why hire a professional

Soil testing
The quality of the soil will vary in an area, and even in the same property. It is advisable to grow plants based on the soil quality, taking advantage of the nutrients which are already present. Hence soil testing will carried out for the property which checks the PH of the soil and also the amount of each the 16 elements which are essential for plant growth. This amount of each element is then compared with optimal value of each element in the soil. In some cases, the amount of the element may be less than the optimal amount, and in other cases, the levels may be higher than the optimal amount.

Soil fertilization
After the soil testing report is available, we will then arrange to fertilize the soil so that it has the desired levels of the different nutrients. This involves choosing the right fertilizer for the soil, and applying it to the soil. In some cases, fertilizer injection which use the irrigation system to add nutrients to the plants every time they are watered may be used. This method is increasingly preferred compared to conventional water and fertilizing methods, since the plants will absorb the nutrients faster, the amount of fertilizer and water required is reduced and soil erosion is also minimized

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The soil management service offered will consider the plants and trees which you are growing on the property. Some flowering plants like roses require a lot of nutrients, while others may require fewer nutrients. Trees like areca palms require more nutrients in the initial years of growth. Usually most plants require some additional nitrogen in the form of fertilizer. Hence based on the decorative, fruit or flower fruits and plants being grown, the right fertilizer will be chosen. Soil maintenance services are also available, if you wish to ensure that the soil on your property remains of the desired quality

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