Stump Grinding Riverside, CA: Cutting & Removal

You might have thought that the tree removal/cutting ends with a mere cut and then, you will just give away the trunk. There is one more stage, equally important, which is: taking care of the stump. For this stage, just like with the cutting, you will also need to call in profesional services and equipment. However, there are two options to do that. There is a less-intrusive operation, the stump grinding, on one hand, and the complete removal of the stump, which is more complex, on the other hand.

Grinding or Removal?

Stump grinding 

It is the fastest method, whereas the procedure is quite simple. The stump is grinded with a specialized equipment with sharp teeth and a rotary disk, a stump grinder. First, the perimeter of the stump grinding must be secured, than the grinder is positioned. The grinding depth shall be determined by the size of the stump. Anyway, the grinding goes below the ground surface. So there will be a hole that needs filling afterwards. It is not a huge hole, in this case, however it is slightly wider than the stump.

It doesn’t take long to complete this operation. It is very efficient and it doesn’t include the use of chemicals. Nevertheless, the greater part of the roots remains underneath. This means you can’t reuse the land as you please. There is also some chance of a resprout, from the old remaining root.

Stump full removal

This is the much more intrusive procedure. Yet, the result is the complete elimination of the stump and the root network. There is also professional equipment involved but the difference is that in this case, a compound of multiple chemicals must be used to prepare and in-depth soften the roots. Thus a full removal is ensured. There will also be a bigger hole which needs refilling.

This procedure guarrantees that your land and soil will be in a completely clean state, ready for whatever you might need and wish to do with it. Plus, there is absolutely no chance of a resprout.

However, you must keep in mind that this method envolves more time spent, more labour, and respectively, a higher cost. There is also the environmental-intrusive aspect, due to chemicals used, that you should take into account.

Why you need to take professional care of the stump

It is by no means recommended to leave the stump in the ground, after the cut. Beside the aesthetical issue, the stump deteriorates with time, or it could even resprout. The wide-spread roots remain inside the soil, thus preventing you from regenerating the land, from landscaping it, or from breeding any new plants or trees.

Though sometimes, if the tree was not that old or thick, you might be tempted to leave it like that, or even to try doing the stump grinding by yourself. Completely not recommended! This is a hardship, even when you deal with small stumps. Because the size is only apparent. The root network is immense and quite tricky. Plus, don’t forget the hole that remains in its place. Maybe, you even tried, in the past, doing it by yourself, and got stuck with chunks of stump, which couldn’t be removed as easily as before. That’s why we advise you to call upon a specialist from the very start of this procedure, for full ease.

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Though we firmly insist on having a professional removal of the stump, we do not particularly advise you for one procedure or another. This decision solely depends on your further plans with the land, and on the budget at hand.

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