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Many people do not know the true purpose or importance of tree pruning. The truth is, Riverside tree pruning is a tree care practice that should be integrated into all landscaping maintenance routines for many reasons. However, pruning is only beneficial when performed properly, and during the proper times of the year. Improper or inadequate pruning can cause a tree to become weak, vulnerable, and ill over time. These conditions can quickly end in a tree dying. Here is a checklist of various types of pruning and trimming tools with their specific features that make them suitable for a variety of pruning applications.

tree pruning riverside

Tree Pruning: What's it for?

  • Pruning Shears

    These hand pruners or secateurs are used for cutting leaves, vines, branches and twigs or small outgrowths of trees. Clippers or pruners can easily cut inches of thick twigs. The pruners come in three basic types that are anvil, bypass and ratchet. Anvil pruners feature a thin and sharp blade that cuts through the plant material supported by a chopping board or anvil. Bypass pruners resemble scissors that cut the plant material against a hook or holding blade.

  • Loppers

    These pruning tools are used for cutting branches with the diameter up to 2 inches and feature longer handles with thicker blades than the hand shears. Like shears, you can find three types of loppers available in ratchet, anvil and bypass designs that can cut fruit trees, vines and twigs of nut trees.

  • Pruning Saws

    Pruning saws are used for cutting medium to large branches of the diameter of about 1 to 5 inches that cannot be suitable pruned with the hand-held secateurs. They come with fixed or folding blades.

  • Hedge shears

    When it comes to cutting grass, shrubs or small evergreens then hedge shears is the ideal tool. They resemble large scissors that are commonly used for gardening as they cut a large area with a stroke making straight edges.

  • Tree Pruners

    When you have to cut branches of a tree located at a certain height then you would need a tree pruner which eliminates the need for a ladder. With most of the pole pruners reaching a height of eight feet or more, you can safely cut the dead branches of a tree that dangerously looms over a building or a power lines.

Tree Pruning

Be it landscaping, designing a beautiful garden or removing a dead hanging branch of a tree, pruning is important for various purposes. Being dexterous and monotonous work and the risks associated especially with cutting long branches of tall trees, it is very important to have high-quality pruning and trimming tools. This will ensure high performance, the safety of the user and a long-lasting beautiful garden.

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